Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Saturday we are scheduled to run 6 miles. The route is pretty simple. At this point in time, it is anyone's guess what it will be like. Fun perhaps, if you like adventure. We are meeting Saturday at 7:45 am at Veteran's Park.

Go North on River Parks Trail and cross river at 11th, then go south on trail to the pedestrian bridge. Take the pedestrian bridge and continue to follow trail to 15th Street. Turn left on 15th, another left on Boston, and return to Veterans’ Park.

I know it's a frequently traveled route, and hey, it's just a short run comparatively speaking, but if you muster the strength to climb out of the warm bed and get it done, you will be a stronger runner for it. Soon enough we will have picture perfect Saturday mornings, and this darn cold weather will be a distant and still not-so-fond memory. But for now, embrace it....let it make you stronger!

A few people have asked me recently about "screw shoes". Lisa's email referred to them in the title "To Screw, or Not to Screw", a title that was a sure attention grabber to say the least. :-)) <~~!TZ with his double chin. The pic to the right is what the finished product looks like, and believe me, they do work great especially on ice. Look at my shoes Saturday morning. I'm sure I'll have mine on. Matt Carpenter, mountain-runner extraordinaire, has an insightful article on this creation on his website. Pay special attention to the length of the screws. Those over an inch long can lead to some uncomfortable foot issues, if you catch my drift.

Of course, if you want to spend MORE than $1.00 (the approximate cost of 20 or so hex screws at Home Depot) and want something more "name-brand", you can by a set of Yak Trax online or at RunnersWorld.

Does it seem like this is just a recap of the email? Well, this is more for the guys who like less reading and more pictures. And besides, I am bored, have insomnia, and am trying to figure out how to get a pic of Oprah worked into one of the pictures. Hmmm...

And about the coffee--YES, I do bleed coffee when cut. And yes, the 5-hour Energy Drinks ROCK. Any potential corporate execs out there reading this. (Sponsorship $$$ --hint hint!)

Stretching? Rarely. But there is one stretch I sometimes do after a good run, especially on a hot day. I come home, open the refrigerator door, and reach wayyyy back to the back of the top shelf, trying to not knock over the milk or orange juice, and snag that last beer. I usually follow that stretch with a series of 12 ounce curls. Oh, don't act surprised, Miss O. It's all good carbs.

Well, FTO-ers, it's almost 1:00 am, and I am outa here. Providing the city officials don't impose marshal law, I'll see you all on Saturday morning.


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