Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run? Seriously? In this?
Alright here's the word on the street...we are still meeting at Veteran's Park at 7:45 this Saturday to run 10 miles. This is a huge milestone for many of you! And the only way you might get it done is with friends. And misery loves company so come on out and get it done!

Some words of wisdom:
FUEL! Once you get up to around 10 miles or so we need to start thinking about refueling while on the course. Typically you want about 100 calories after about 6-8 miles. First of all you should be eating something however little it might be before you start. Then like I said, after about 6-8 miles something to keep you going. Some ideas are sports gels, sports (jelly belly) beans, shot blocks (no they do not contain alcohol) are the most common. These are available at RunnersWorld. My personal favorite is chocolate outrage Gu. This is about 100 calories and is about the consistency and flavor of brownie batter. You really need to take it with water. Another idea would be bite size candy bars. Keep in mind you have to carry this on you while you are running so don't bring a sub sandwich. We need to start training with different things now and you can also start experiencing on shorter runs so you will know what will work when we get to the longer runs.

Do not forget to drink your water when you are running in the cold even if you are not thirsty because you are still sweating and need to replenish that fluid.

After you finish a run, you should eat something (~ 50 grams of carbohydrates or more) within 30 minutes. This will help with recovery. My favorite after run recovery item is chocolate milk. Excellent source of protein and carbs!


Enough advice for now, here is the route:
Saturday's route for all groups starts with a 6 mile loop that includes a mixture of roads and some on the Midland Valley Trail. The first half mile is pretty hilly, and that will get our bodies warmed up for the rest of the run, which isn't very hilly. The route has been scouted out, and although there are a few patches of snow and ice here and there, the route is pretty easily runnable for most of the way.

Here are the directions for the 6 mile loop:
Head east on 21st and turn right on Boston Avenue. Turn left on 26th and then turn left on the trail. Follow the trail to 3rd Street and turn left. Turn right on Greenwood and left on Archer. Turn left at Boston and cross over the tracks, passing the Center of the Universe. Turn left on 1st Street, right on Cincinnati, right on 3rd, and left on Boston. Turn right on 18th and return to Veterans' Park. AND...

Here are the scheduled distances for all the groups:
Beginner Half: 6 miles. You are finished after the 6 mile loop.
Advanced Half: 8 miles. After the loop run on the River Parks Trail to the pedestrian bridge and back to add 2 miles.
Beginner Full: 10 miles. After the loop run on the River Parks Trail to about 41st and back to add 4 miles.
Intermediate Full, Zurich Marathon: 12 miles. After the loop run on the River Parks Trail to Hwy 44 and back to add 6 miles.
Advanced Full: 14 miles. After the loop run south on the River Parks Trail to where the construction begins (around 58th St) and back to add 8 miles.

If you run the first 6 and it just sucks and you get to cold, dont feel bad if you just go home. You got out and did something. We will probably go warm up with a hot breakfast after we are done if you would like to join us.

Also, if you are new and you need to get ahold of me, my number is (918) 520-4344 and Ken's is (918) 814-6433.

And if you wish to stop getting my emails, just let me know. Thanks!

See you Saturday am. You may not recognize me under all the layers of clothes but just look for the FASTER THEN OPRAH sign. Bundle up!


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