Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everyone wins if you collect all the flags!

Greetings runners!

Congrats to all four of us (including Ken and I) who were there last Saturday to brave the cold. With the large snow flakes it was easy to forget about the frigid air and fantasize about being in a snow globe.

Although we are only scheduled for 6 miles this Saturday, the route will be hilly and the route has a few turns that if not reviewed or if you don't stick with someone that knows where they are going, there are opportunities to get in a few bonus miles or even delete some on accident. So while I won't have you collect flags at check points to prove you did this entire run, I highly suggest you review the map this time along with the directions that I will bring printed out for you.

As discussed in more detail last week, the short runs are also as good to practice your Gu, shot blocks, sports beans, etc to see what you can keep in your stomach without upset and what works best for you. Have fun with it!

For those of you have stayed out of the loop thus far and think it's too late to get is not. There are a lot of marathon training schedules that are 16 weeks long, and a few that are 14 weeks. Right now, we are 14 weeks out to OKC. You can jump in, run 6 miles with us today, and next week when we go 12, you could shorten your run a little if you need to, say to 9-10 miles, and by the next long day 2 weeks later, you could up it to the 14, or at least 12. After just a few Saturdays, you'd be right on track. Please call Ken (814-6433), or email him at, or comment here on this blog. Let us know how we can help you!

Here is the routefor Saturday:

Go North on Boulder to 15th St.

Right on 15thSt.

Right on Utica. **(pay attention here! and see map so you understand when you read this on Saturday am) **

Just South of 21st St. veer to the Right on Troost and almost immediately turn Right on 22nd St.

Go South (Left) on St. Louis,

back North on Terwilleger (yes is it seems odd to go south then north, it is actually NW and you are on 26th Pl for a few ft or so)

Before you get to 21st street, turn Left into Woodard park follow the road through Woodward Park.

Turn Right on Peoria

Right on 20th St.,

Left on St. Louis

Take a short Right on 19th Street and run the loop around Swan Lake

Go back to 19th and turn West (Right) on 19th St.

Turn Right on Cincinnati and when it crosses the trail turn Left and follow the trail to 18th.

Turn Right on 18th and return to Veteran's Park.

Six mile route:

You are receiving this email since you signed up for the RunnersWorld Tulsa OKC marathon training group. If you do not wish to receive my emails, just email me back and let me know. Thanks!

See you all Saturday!

The weather is no longer an excuse.


PS. A note from Ken aka TZ. After the scheduled run, I am going over to run some trails at Post Oak Lodge. It may still be a little muddy, but the trails are scenic and fun. Anyone wanna join me? I am open to leaving right after the run, or grabbing some breakfast first....either way.

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  1. That picture of Oprah is downright disturbing.
    I'm going to skip out again on the Veteran's park meetup this week. Instead I'm going to try and meet up with the TATUR-Tots over at the Post Oak Lodge for the 10k Training run. I've been jonesing to run in the trees.