Sunday, January 31, 2010

7 inches and 6 miles

Some runners are just "die-hard", "hard-core", or just plain tough. A great show of this sort of fortitude was on display Saturday morning. While most of the throng of RunnersWorld runners stayed in the warmth of their homes, and off the dangerous icy streets, a few came out for their assigned miles....not because they had do, but because the thought of frolicking through the snow sounded FUN!

Five of our practically famous group, Faster than Oprah, donned multiple layers, and charged headlong into their "easy" 6 miler. Tom W, always on the cutting edge of high tech winter sportswear, was raring to go this balmy 25 degree morning.

Mitch seems happy despite the 7 inches of snow we were about to plow through. Hat--check. Gloves--check. Water bottle--check. Spirits in water bottle to keep it from freezing--oops!

Always the encourager, Lisa looks like she knows the fun in store for the day's run.

The plan was to run the loop around Zink Lake, and then take the Midland valley Trail to 15th Street and then back to Go. The river path to 11th Street was pretty good, having been scraped of ice and snow sometime in the past 24 hours. The bridge at 11th Street was a mess, but most of the group hopped over and ran on the car-side of the bridge and it was easy going. The westside trail was almost unmolested snow. Our group had the luxury of being middle-of-the-pack, and therefore had a little trench in the powdery snow to run in. The wooden bridge on the west trail was a repeat of the RINY run, with a nice powder/packed powder consistency.

Tom R speeds across the pedestrian bridge. This was the only place where the wind was much of an issue. This surface was also the slickest we encountered on the run. Tom, Lisa, and I had "screw shoes" and had excellent traction in the snow and icy patches, but there was a little skid action on this bridge.

Tom, Lisa, and I wait for Eddie, who helps with another group. Surprisingly enough, the water fountain on the west side was turned on and working. Not surprising, it delivered cold water.

The Midland Valley Trail was a winter wonderland. It was postcard pretty, if you like all this d*@&%#!#!ed snow.

Tom carbo-loads after his run.

TZ eats to keep pace with Tom. But on Saturday mornings, after our run, the real treat comes. A lot of us have been hitting the Blue Dome Diner at 2nd and Elgin.The prices are reasonable, the potatoes and bacon are excellent, and the french toast is a good option as are the pancakes.Join us! Oprah would approve.

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  1. What I great run, the only thing that would have made it better is if I could have made it to breakfast. I think that is why TZ is so much faster than me. A good healthy breakfast. Maybe next time. Tom R.