Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arctic Smarctic!

Our fearless group ventured out onto the frozen tundra for 10 miles last Saturday. The weather prognosticators foretold of temps of zero or below, with arctic temps...yeah yeah yeah yada yada yada. It was cold, but only 12ish degrees, and only when running north did we even feel the wind. As stated in the previous email, proper layering made the run bearable. Above, Lisa distributes the directions for the run. Newcomer Erin, to her right, listens in. We had Mitch (on the right), Erin, Tom Robinson, Felix, Me (TZ) and Ken Saveth aka K2 representing the now famous FTO group.K2 and Ms. O were bundled up and ready for anything. As cold as it was, most peeps worked up a soaking sweat after our ten miles. Heavy coats plus running is too much!
Waterstop #1 was not as welcome a sight as it is during the summer. It was a chance to regroup and let our legs know everything was gonna be okay. Notice Tom's glow-stickish jacket. No way to miss it! But I think most would admit, it was a much more desirable outfit than the one he wore last week.

Somewhere near the Center of the Universe, there was a likeness of K2 painted on some sort of metal box. Very eerie indeed. Seriously, could this be Ken's long lost twin?

For those of you in our group, or in other groups visiting this blog, who have stayed snuggled up under the covers these past few cold Saturday mornings...please do not think it is too late to get back into your marathon training. Next week is a cut back week, with our group only going 6 miles. There are over 20 in our group, and a few of those have not yet made it out on a Saturday to run with us. I know most are poroably getting their miles in on the dreadmill or running laps around their living room. But, we'd like to meet you!! Shoot me or Lisa an email and let us know how things are going.

Til next week, keep your miles up and pray for some warm weather!

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