Sunday, January 17, 2010

a good turnout on a rainy Saturday

Twas a wee bit of rain in the air Saturday for our run. Last week, that would have been the final nail in our coffin given the 12 degree temps. This past week though saw warmer temps and the end of 3 weeks of snow from that wonderful white Christmas that everyone goes gaga over. bah humbug and good riddance to the snow. The rain gave way to the above sign, the auxiliary rain sign. The nicer permanent sign was kept safe and dry, and this one made of the finest bio-degradable recycled paper sufficed and will be reused on rain days.

Lisa goes over the directions for the day with Erin and Tom W. No, that's not ice but rather rain droplets on Tom's jacket.

Arena returned after being gone last week.

Her attire was a common sight on this drizzly morning.

While most fashionaires sported hefty leaf bags, or 30 gallon trash bags, Arena models a 10 gallon kitchen bag.

A newcomer to our group, Dede gets advice from Tom W. Dede has ran a 1/2 recently and is gunning for the full in OKC. Welcome to our fold, Dede!

Team FTO early in the run. Left to right: Arena, Dede, Tom W, Tom R in the blue, Mitch right behind him, and Erin just out of the frame. We're not only faster than Oprah, but also faster that Joe W of the Tredici group! :-P

Enjoying the sweet 1/2 mile downhill on Terwilleger Blvd.

Tom W catches up on the daily news.

A strange piece of work....and a lion family.

The babes of FTO, after the run.

We had a good turnout at Veteran's Park, with eight showing up despite the rain. A couple of our group, Jon and Ken S, bypassed the Vet's park run and went to the Post Oak Lodge to run trails with the T-Tots. I managed to snag a pic from Ken's Facebook--proof that he was there. Missed ya, K2, but glad you had fun in the mud!

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  1. I love running and I love fashion, so thanks for the break down of the trash bag types. I hadn't consider the funtion and form of various types of bags. And you correctly identified my 10 gallon kitchen...too funny. Good times.