Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ok, fearless FTO runners. How was your Saturday run? Did you freeze your buttocks off? Or did you stay snuggled up under the covers? This session has had more than a fair amount of !#@&%/#@!! cold weather, and the long range forecast shows nothing but more of the same. At this point, what do we do? Wait for it to warm up before getting serious about putting in the training? Each week we go without getting our runs in makes it easier to blow it off the next day, the next week. My advise is to layer up, and get out the door. Someone once said, "There's no such thing as bad weather....just bad clothing." (Sounds like that was someone in the retail clothing business....might have been Coach Kathy?) But truly, with the proper layers, a hat, and gloves, you will be warm and toasty once you get running. You will be so glad you did when your friends and family marvel at how crazy (dedicated) you are for running while it's in the teens!

While you were getting your miles in, Lisa and Ken were in the MOUNTAINS of Arkansas doing what is surely the HARDEST marathon in the world. (or at least in this part of the United States!) The Athens/Big Fork Marathon is all on trails, and goes out over 8 mountains and back. Sixteen climbs totaling over 9,200 vertical feet. Below is a graph of the elevation profile.
Neither Ken or Lisa qualified for Boston at this event. It is said, a good predictor of your finish time at this trail marathon is to DOUBLE your typical road marathon time. That held true to form. If we were working an 8 hour day Saturday, we would have got a little overtime!If you think I look like crap here....well thanks. I felt like crap as well. Truly, in this race, any kind of finish is a huge victory!

On a serious note, if you are in our group, and have not been out yet to any of our runs, or have missed a few due to the holidays, cold weather, or just lie getting in the way, it is not to late to jump on board and get your training under way. If running a marathon this spring is maybe a little bigger bite than you should have bitten, you could always prepare for a half, and use that as a springboard to a full later in the year. Running has been such a great part of mine and Lisa's lives that we want all of you to enjoy it with us!


  1. I don't wanna hear any complaining about hilly routes!

  2. When do we get to meet Oprah?