Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekly email reposted

Hey Everybody!

Hope you enjoyed your run in the cold last Saturday morning! How about getting together and doing it all again this week PLUS A MILE. We are scheduled for 7 miles and here is your route:

Beginner Full: 7 miles.

Go north (Right) on River Parks Trail and cross river at 11th, then go south (Left) on trail to pedestrian bridge.
Take pedestrian bridge (Left) and continue to follow the trail to 15th Street.
Turn left on 15th, another left on Boston, and return to Veterans’ Park.
After this, add another mile of running along the river.

All the routes including maps can be found at just click on December Training Courses right under Run for the 168.

Please feel free to bring your friends to join in your pain and suffering on Saturday mornings. :) Then they will understand why you don't hang out late Friday nights anymore!

See ya bright and early! I look forward to meeting some of you for the first time.



  1. Rather than add a mile after approaching the park. I think I'll add a mile by going 1/2 mi. south and back after getting off the Ped Bridge. It seems that after doing 6, then run past the finish line only to add another mile, is a little dishearting to me.

  2. Anonymous- I like that idea, I think I might do that too!