Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, Team!

Hope you are all going well. This week I suspect many of you will be gone but those of you staying close to home, we are still meeting Saturday at 7:45 at Veteran's park and running 8 miles at 8am.

** Also tomorrow we are meeting at 4:00 pm at Runners World instead of 5:30 to run. **

Here is the route for Saturday morning:

Beginner Full: 8 miles. From Veteran's Park, go to Boston and north to 15th. Turn right on 15th. Turn right on Madison and left on 19th. Go around Swan Lake and return to Madison. Go south on Madison and turn right on Woodward Blvd. Turn left on Cincinnati and right on 25th. Turn left on the trail. Cross river on pedestrian bridge and go south to first water fountain. Continue south for about another half mile (if you reach the second water fountain, you have gone too far). Return to pedestrian bridge, cross river, and follow the River Parks Trail back to Veterans Park.

Have a very Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!


TZ adds: DRESS WARM!! Any kind of long pants would be preferable, although I am sure SOMEONE will be out there in shorts. On top, opt for a tech shirt of some kind and then a thick thermal type shirt over it. I have a polar fleece that I like on cold days. Then, some sort of a light windproof jacket. If you are pushing the pace, you will still sweat, even if it's 10 degrees. You can always shed that jacket and tie it around your waist....I bet you'll have it back on as soon as you turn into the wind. Gloves and a hat....well, duh! You knew that! And last, and very important, bring your favorite warn comfy sweatshirt to put on after the run, along with a nice big warm coat. Hot chocolate is optional. And then, let's all go to breakfast!!!

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