Saturday, December 26, 2009

Excused absenses

All Faster-than-Oprah teamies have an excused absence from Saturday's run....what with 6-7 inches of snow over 2 inches of sleet and ice. But big props to Tom W, and Arena who braved the treacherous roads, frigid temps, and slick running to get a few miles in this day after Christmas.

My camera was really hit and miss after I fell on a slick patch of ice on 19th Street. No worries about the fall....I use an old acquired tuck-and-roll technique and despite feeling a little silly, I was fine. But my camera is acting up a little. I had fuzzy pics after that. It's waterproof, but I am thinking the lens-cap was open and I know I got some snow in it. Since several of my pics were blurry, this pic of Tom is from last week, in front of his business on Boston. I'm pretty sure Tom got his full 8 miles in today. Nice job, Tom!

Arena and I (TZ) got 3.7 miles in the books, which was fine with me since I had sore calves from yesterday's workout. Which looks better: brown grass or snow?

The snow was definitely a challenge, but as you can see, Tom did not let a little old snow drift stop him from completing his run.

My little tumble might have slowed me down a little.

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  1. Oh wait, I saw that guy laying in the snow. Figured that is what Kathy H. does to runners that get in her way! LOL