Saturday, December 19, 2009

c cc cccold running!

Would have been far easier and seemingly a better idea to turn the alarm off and borrow back down under the covers this morning. But, the long runs have to be done to reach our marathon goals. We had a good turnout in our group, with 12 out of our 20 raring to run. Loop for the morning was a zip around Zink Lake, and then shuffling on down the Midland Valley Trail to 15th St and back to Go. This tallied up to roundabout 6 miles, and left one more mile to be done via some sort of out-and-back after we had stopped, chatted, chilled, and had rigor mortis set in. So, members of our resident Think Tank contrived a solution of epic proportions: we would continue south upon reaching the Pedestrian bridge for 1/2 mile, turn around at the soccer fields, continue back to the bridge and resume the prescribed route. Upon finishing the serpentine loop, we would have completed our 7 mile run.
A new face to out group: Spring joined us for her 1st Saturday run with us. She hung with the most of us but at mile 5, we got separated and I am thinking she returned down the east bank to Vet's park instead of taking the Midland Valley Trail. I felt awful for losing her, and ran back a ways, but realized I would have never caught her. Sorry, Spring. :( I am thinking you still got around 6.5 miles.

Complimenting the new face in our group, was an old face. My buddy, Ken Saveth, was assigned to our group and he aspires to be faster than....well Oprah I guess. Ken is always looking for some kind of challenge, and has an interesting blog you might want to check out. Ken Saveth's Blog

Another couple of potential group members, Julienne and Janeen have been checking in with us and I may file the appropriate adoption papers to make them part of our family. Janeen is the proud new owner of a Silver Spud award, given to her for being Rookie of the Year in TATUR. Janeen, a fairly new trail runner, lit the year up running 6 or 7 races of marathon distance or beyond this past year. Two of the trail 50Ks were the two toughest of that distance in this part of the US.

Missed getting David in my pix last week. Just caught his right side in this one. As soon as we started running, he was off like a rocket. Missed out on breakfast, dude!

Team FTO at the 1st water stop.

Finishing up....picked up Jason and Stephanie along the way.

Umm....we're faster than you!!

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  1. Is that why Oprah is quitting her show so she can run with us?