Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FTO does OKC

Congratulations to all the FTO runners who ran in the OKC Marathon last Sunday. It seemed like the session just flew by, although thinking back of all the bitterly cold Saturday runs, maybe it did go by a little slower that it seems. Maybe it's just senility setting in?

Even Sunday morning, remnants of cold mornings were trying to show a presence in OKC.Tom W was dressed warm as always, looking like he just wandered in off the Alaskan tundra.

Jon looks poised and ready to run, and after running a scorching time at Lake McMurtry a few weeks ago, repeated with a speedy effort in the marathon. Me thinks his new PR will likely fall the next time he runs another 26.2.

Tom did some major carb loading and it paid off as he shaved nearly 30 minutes off his PR, running a 5:11ish.

Seems he has been sneakily doing some speedwork.

Just look at this game face!

DeDe and Arena, after medaling at the Snake Run, back it up with a good run , clocking a negative split. This is a pretty good sign of consistent training, and good pace management.DeDe scored a good first-marathon time, and Arena notched a PR. I have heard rumblings that an ultra might be in their future. (50 miles in July maybe?)

Lisa and Jason ran FreeState in Lawrence Kansas the day before, but did not miss cheering on their teams the next day.
With very little sleep, and hours of driving, they made it south to support us from the sidelines. Lisa ran a 6:10 PR for the muddy trail marathon, and Jason sloshed through a 40 miler there in a stellar 8:45.

Ken joined a relay team, running the 12K portion but ran as a pacer ala bandito style and managed the whole 26.2 miles in a slow steady fashion.
Some thought was given to pasting a likeness of Oprah on Ken's pasties, but there are some things that are just a little too far over the line!

Kudos to Julienne and Janeen Lovelace, and to Lanette Duncan who also had very good races Sunday.

Jon Gambino 4:51
Janeen Lovelace 4:56
Tom Robinson 5:11
Tom Wozencraft 5:14
Arena Mueller 6:10
DeDe Sageser 6:10
Lanette Duncan 6:20

Half Marathon
Julienne Lovelace 2:24

Nutty Sole Mates - Ken and his relay team 5:36

Hope to see you all at the "after-race" party!!!

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  1. WoooHOOO! Great job everyone! Let's celebrate together soon!